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Setting up variant products for Shopify

When setting up your Retail POS store, the way you add your products with variants will affect how they appear on your Shopify store.

It is important to set up your products with variants, or, have each variant as its own product when you start your Retail POS account. Switching to a different setup will not be possible if you decide to open an online store in the future.

Setting up products with variants

Variants are the different variations of a product. For example, a t-shirt product that comes in different variants of color and size. For more information, refer to our Adding standard, variant, and composite products article. 

In Retail POS, you can have up to 200 variant combinations per product but only 100 variant combinations per product will sync to Shopify.

Each product in Retail POS can only have one main image, which will be the image that customers will see first when they are shopping on your online store. Since the main image displayed will be of only one variant, customers will have to select the product to see all the variant options.

On the Products page in Retail POS you will see the product with all the variants listed underneath when you click to expand it.

When creating a product with variants using a CSV, give all these products the same name and handle.

Setting up each variant as its own product

Separating a product out by the variant visually sets each product apart on your online store. Instead of having one product with variants for color and size, include each color variant in the product name, creating multiple products which only have the sizes as variants.

This way, when a customer is browsing your online store, they will be able to see all the variant options on one page.

When viewing your products in Retail POS, there will be a unique product for each color, with the size variants listed underneath.

When importing these products using a CSV, give each product a unique name and handle.

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