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Windcave (formerly Payment Express) Setup

Windcave is a global payment partner that provides in-store and online payment integrations with Retail POS. To get set up with Windcave (formerly Payment Express) in Retail POS, follow the steps below.


  • If you are an existing Windcave (formerly Payment Express) customer, you may need to contact Windcave to enable this integration for your merchant account

Supported payment terminals

  • iWL250
  • iWL252
  • Move/Desk 5000
  • iPP 350

Getting Started

Contact Windcave to ensure your merchant account is all setup, you have the right hardware and are ready to start processing payments.

Setup your Windcave Terminal

1. First up, connect the power cable to the terminal dock and connect an ethernet cable from your router/modem to the back of the terminal dock.

2. Next, place the terminal onto the terminal dock. The unit will start up and log onto the network.


A Bluetooth connection will be supplied to the terminal from the terminal dock.

Add Windcave Payment Type to Retail POS

1. First, login to your Account Owner user account for your Retail POS store on your iPad or Computer

2. Next, navigate to Setup -> Payment Types and click Add Payment Type

3. Once here, select Windcave from the payment type dropdown.


4. Select I have a merchant account with Windcave, and click Begin Setup

5. Follow the prompts as required

6. On the new Windcave payment type page, edit your payment type name if you wish, or leave it as the default payment type name (Windcave).

7. In the Pair Payment Terminals section, click Pair a Terminal


8. Select the register that the terminal will be paired with from the Register dropdown

9. Enter the ScrHITuserID, ScrHITkey and Station ID provided to you by Windcave via email. If you do not have these, please contact Windcave support

10. Once entered, click Pair Register

11. Click ESC, or to add another terminal, click Pair another terminal and repeat the process above. 

12. Lastly, click Save Payment Type and you will be able to start taking payments with Windcave in Retail POS.

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