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Using the inventory movements view

Inventory is constantly moving. With the inventory movements view, you can monitor movements of products and their variants and the users involved to easily identify discrepancies and improve efficiency.

Viewing inventory movements

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Products and scroll down or use the filters to find the product you want to view.


  2. Click on the product row to expand it.
  3. On the right side, click View inventory movements.


  4. On the product's inventory movements page, you can review:
    • Date of the movement.
    • Type of Movement (orders and deliveries, stock transfers, sales and returns, other inventory changes).
    • Where the product moved From and where it moved To.
    • User who initiated the movement.

      Historical inventory movements will not have an associated user. Inventory movements made after June 2024 will track the user who initiated the movement.

    • Quantity that was moved.


  5. (optional) Filter by Movement type, Outlet, or Date range using the dropdown, then click Search.


Product history is tracked in the product History tab. View product history in Catalog > Products, click on the product row to expand, then click the History tab.


Inventory movements are tracked on the dedicated inventory movements page. Navigate to Catalog > Products, click on the product row to expand, then click View inventory movements.


Viewing inventory on hand

To quickly view inventory on hand for products:

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Inventory reports.


  2. Next to Search, click More filters.


  3. Using the dropdowns, filter by:
    1. Report type: Product.
    2. Measure: On-hand inventory.
    3. Desired Date range.
    4. (optional) Include or Exclude a brand, outlet, product, or other keyword.


  4. Click Search.


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