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Printing barcode labels from a purchase order

Label printing hardware

Printing barcode labels for your products allow you to affix customer-facing information such as pricing and product names, as well as scannable barcodes and SKU codes that can be used to process sales.

To print a barcode label(s) from a purchase order, navigate to the stock control page (Inventory > Stock control) in Retail POS.

Stock control page

Locate the purchase order that you wish to print barcode labels from, using the filters if necessary, and click the purchase order to open it.

Print Label button

Once the purchase order is open, confirm that it is the correct purchase order and that you wish to print barcode labels for all products that are listed in the specified quantities, then click Print labels.

If you require labels for products that are not included in the purchase order, or in different quantities than what is specified in the purchase order, you can print these from the catalog.

Refer to our Printing barcode labels from your catalog guide for more information.
Customizing multiple labels

The Print the following sheet window will generate labels from the purchase order for all products listed in the specified quantities. You can configure the labels to display price, name, barcode, and SKU by selecting or de-selecting your desired information. All information is selected by default.

Print screen

If you need to change your label type, click Setup next to You can change your label typeand select the label type you require from the Label printer format drop-down. Click Save, then return to the previous page.

Barcode and SKU settings in Setup

When you are ready to print the barcode labels, click Print to open the print preview window. Ensure that your label printer has been selected and that the formatting displayed is correct. You may need to configure the Paper size to match what is being printed. Then, click Print.

Purchase Order print preview

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