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Socket Mobile scanner setup

This article provides instructions on how to pair your Mobile Socket Scanner for your Windows, Mac, and iPad. The following models are compatible with Retail POS:

  • Socket Mobile 7Qi and 7Ci (discontinued by Socket)
  • Socket Mobile S700
  • Socket Mobile S740 and S760
  • Socket Mobile D740, D750 and D760

What you'll need

Hardware requirements

Scanner D700
USB power cord Pin-end
USB power block USB-Power-block

Network requirements

The Socket Mobile scanners connect to your desktop or iPad via Bluetooth. Make sure your desktop is Bluetooth-compatible and your iPad Bluetooth setting is on. 

Charge your scanner

Fully charge your barcode scanner for at least 6 hours before using it for the first time. To charge your barcode scanner:

  1. Connect the power pin-end of the charging cable to the power connector on the right side of the scanner.
  2. Connect the USB end of the charging cable to a power supply and plug in a power outlet. Connecting to a computer USB port is not recommended.

Pair your scanner

Select which device you're using from the following tabs for relevant setup information. 

    1. Press and hold the small power button until the Bluetooth. LED turns blue and the scanner beeps twice. Your socket mobile scanner is now powered on.
    2. You'll need to enable keyboard mode on your scanner. To do so scan the barcode below:
    3. Next, open the Settings page by clicking the Windows icon and then the settings cog. You can also search for "Settings" in the bottom left search bar.
    4. In Settings, click Devices from the list of options.
    5. Click Add Bluetooth or other devices at the top of the page. Next, select Bluetooth in the Add a Device screen.
    6. Your computer will search for nearby Bluetooth devices, once it finds your Socket scanner, click it to pair.
    7. Wait a few seconds until the socket scanner emits a single beep to indicate that the computer has successfully paired with the scanner.
    8. Click Done in the pop-up menu to finish.

    Your scanner is now successfully paired! For more help using the Socket Mobile Bluetooth Barcode scanners, check out the Socket Mobile user manual

    1. Press and hold the small power button until the Bluetooth LED turns blue and the scanner beeps twice.
    2. Click the Bluetooth icon on the top right of your computer and select Bluetooth Preferences.
    3. A pop-up window will appear, searching for your scanner. Once it's detected, click the pair button.
    4. Wait a few seconds for the scanner to emit a single beep indicating that it is successfully paired with your Mac.
    Your Socket Mobile should now be all set up! To test that it's connected, open up a notepad or word processing application and scan in a barcode. You should see the barcode number appear here.

    Not working?

    Follow the steps below to reset and reconnect your scanner. If you've connected your scanner to your computer but it's not scanning in any information, it may have neem previously set in iOS mode. To enable keyboard mode, disconnect your scanner from your Mac and scan the factory reset barcode below:


    Try scanning the following barcodes directly on the screen. If it doesn't work, print off this page and scan it from there. These barcodes will also be in the manual that came with your socket mobile scanner.

    Next, turn the scanner back on and scan the below barcode to activate HID mode:


    1. Open Retail POS (X) and tap the Menu icon(☰)> Settings> Hardware.
    2. Under barcode scanner, tap Add a barcode scanner. The wizard is there to guide you.power
    3. Scan the pairing barcode to enable your scanner to iOS mode.Scan
    4. Pair the scanner by selecting your scanner to connect to Retail POS.Pair.PNG
    5. Test your scanner by scanning the barcode shown on your iPad to complete your pairing to Retail POS.scan
      Once scanned, your socket scanner will show as paired and connected. Tap Finish.successful
    Your scanner should now be set up and ready to go!

    Trouble connecting the scanner?

    If the scanner is appearing in the Bluetooth list on your iPad but not connecting, tap the i icon and select Forget This Device. Next, hold down the two top buttons on the scanner until you hear 3 descending tones. You've now successfully unpaired the scanner. Try pairing the scanner again using the steps above.

    Scanning outside of the sell screen

    By default, the Socket mobile scanner will assume you are attempting to add a product to a sale when scanning a barcode. When you are scanning product information, such as the SKU when creating a product, or customer/receipt information outside of the sell screen, you can tell your scanner what you are doing by putting it into Keyboard Mode. Using this mode requires you to tap the correct field before scanning the barcode and delete the content in the field like the customer search or product search field.

    To enable keyboard mode, disconnect your scanner from the iPad and scan the factory reset barcode below (the scanner will emit a series a beeps and turn off:


    Try scanning the following barcodes directly on the screen. If it does not work, print off this page and scan the barcodes. These barcodes will also be in the manual that came with your socket mobile scanner.

    Next, turn the scanner back on by pressing and holding the power button, then scan the below barcode:


    Once the scanner has emitted three beeps and the LED is flashing blue, reconnect your scanner to the iPad via Bluetooth.

    This mode treats the scanner as a keyboard. If you need to access the standard on-screen keyboard, double-click on the scanner's power button.

    Scanner disconnecting?

    If both your iPad and scanner are left unused for long enough, they will enter sleep mode. When the Socket mobile scanner goes into sleep mode, it disconnects from your iPad. To reconnect your scanner, make sure your Retail POSS app is open and turn on your scanner as you normally would. The scanner will take up to 30 seconds to automatically reconnect. It will beep when connected. For more help using your Socket mobile scanner, refer to the user manual.

Enable Auto mode

Auto Mode allows you to automatically scan a barcode without the cashier having to handle the scanner or press the scan button, simply by waving the barcode in front of the stationary scanner. This function requires a Socket Mobile Charging Stand.

The Socket Mobile 7Qi, 7Ci, and S700 do not support Auto Scan mode.

To enable Auto Mode:

  1. Pair and connect the scanner to your device before placing it in Auto Mode. The Scanner is not discoverable when in Auto Mode and the Stand. Turn off your host device’s Bluetooth before scanning the command barcode
  2. Scan the barcode below:


  3. Auto Mode is now enabled. Place the scanner in the Socket Mobile Charging Stand.

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