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Taking payments with Square and Retail POS (X-Series) on iPad

Taking payments with Square and Retail POS on iPad

You can now take payments with Square and Retail POS on iPad. For more information, check out this link.

Getting Started

You will need:

  • An active Retail POS Account and Retail POS for iPad
  • An active Square Account and the Square app.

Setting up Square with Retail POS:

Before taking payments with Square and Retail POS you must first setup Square with the Retail POS app. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Create the Square Payment type in Retail POS

1. Tap the menu icon in the top left to open the side menu bar and choose Dashboard.

2. Once here, click Menu.

3. Head to Setup and choose Payment Types.

4. You should now be on the Payments page. From here, click Add Payment Type and choose Square.

5. If you are new to Square click the Sign up for Square button. If you already have a Square account select the Connect to Square button.

2. Sign-up/Sign-in to Square

If you click the Sign up for Square button, you will be taken directly to the Square Account sign-up page. Here you will need to fill in your new account details.

If you have chosen the Connect to Square button, you will be taken to the Square sign in page. Enter your existing Square account details here.

Once you've signed up or signed in, you will be taken to a permissions page. Here Retail POS will request permission to access your square account. You will need to click "allow" for the integration to work.

3. Location Setup


If you have not yet configured your locations in Square, click this link if you are in the US or here if you are in the UK or here if you are located in Australia.

After allowing permission, you will be taken to the Square location setup page in Retail POS. Here you will see your Retail POS registers listed. To configure Square successfully, you will need to choose which Square locations are attached to which of your registers in Retail POS.


Make sure you peer your locations in Square with the correct Registers in Retail POS so that your sales are accurately synced. For more information on Square locations, click here if you are US customer, or here if you are in the UK or here if you are located in Australia.

4. Setting up your iPad

You need to be logged into both the Square app and the Retail POS app on your iPad. This is so that Retail POS can launch the Square app to take payments using your Square reader.


You may only take payments from the Square app if you are logged into the correct location for the Retail POS register you are operating on.

5. Connecting your Square chip card reader to your iPad

1. Open the Square app on your iPad, select the menu button on the bottom left-hand corner of the app and choose Settings from the sidebar.

2. Once in Settings navigate to Card Readers under Hardware.

3. Click the Connect a Reader button and choose the reader you would like to pair.

4. Follow the remaining instructions on the Square app to get your reader connected.

Taking Payments with Square

When you choose Square on the pay screen in Retail POS, you will be taken to the Square app to process the payment. When the Square payment is successful, you will be returned to Retail POS to print the sales receipt.

Returning a Square Sale


Different retail stores have different rules about what items can and cannot be returned. It is useful to check in with your supervisor about this before processing any returns.

Before beginning, it is important to note that you may only complete a return on fully paid sales (including fully paid account and layby sales) and not on open on account or layby sales OR existing return transactions.

For steps on how to process a Square return, click the link here.

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