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Activating your Retail POS (X-Series) Account

I am ready to activate my account

Awesome! Have a read of this article to help you get set up correctly and choose the most relevant pricing plan for your needs.

Deleting trial data from your account

During your trial, there were sample products to practice making sales with, and you may have tried adding products or customers as a test. It’s important to clear them out before starting your own store. You will not be able to delete old sales history data once you have activated so it's important to do this beforehand. 

You can choose to clear out all Sales History, Products, and/or Customer data following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Setup Billing
  2. Scroll to the Clear out data section
  3. Click on Select data to clear button
  4. Select data you want to clear
  5. Click Delete

Choosing a Retail POS plan

Navigate to Setup > Billing and you will see the four Retail POS plans. This includes the Lean, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans — the plan that best suits your data will be automatically highlighted.

For a detailed breakdown of what features each plan offers, refer to the Lightspeed Retail POS (X-Series) pricing page.

Choosing Between Monthly or Annual Billing

You will be billed immediately on activation, the amount and frequency depend on whether you decide to be billed monthly or annually. Retail POS bills in advance. This means that the invoice you pay each month (or year) covers the following month rather than the previous one.

Monthly Billing

The billing cycle is a 30-day interval at which Retail POS invoices your plan's fees. You will be billed immediately on activation and then on the same day in the following months.

Annual Billing

You will be billed immediately on activation and then again every 12 months following activation. Paying annually will earn you a discount on the monthly rate you pay in total.

A different billing cycle may apply to app subscriptions which might not always match the billing date of your Retail POSsubscription billing cycle. If you do ever need to put your account on hold or close your store, make sure you cancel your app subscriptions as well to avoid additional future charges.

Please note that Retail POS subscription fees are non-refundable. See our Service Agreement for more details.

Activating your Retail POS Account

All you need to do is select whether you'd like to be billed annually, or each month. Next, fill in your billing address and credit card details, then click Activate your account.

When entering the billing recipient information, a valid billing address must be entered. Your Retail POS account cannot be activated without a billing address.

For merchants located in the USA, the billing address details will be used to calculate the sales tax charged on Retail POS subscriptions.

What happens if I make changes to my plan?

When you add an outlet/register before your next billing date, you will only be charged a pro-rated amount for the remaining days/months of your billing cycle. Adding an outlet to your store will incur additional charges to your Retail POS subscription. 

If you change the type of plan your Retail POS account is on, for example changing from the Lite plan to the Pro plan, this will change your regular billing date to the new date these changes were made.

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