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Creating on account sales

On account sales are used to track product purchases that the customer intends to pay at a later date. By placing a purchase on account, you will create an invoice for that sale that the customer will need to pay. Products put on account are removed from inventory.

Xero customers: On Account sales will create an accounts receivable invoice in Xero. For more information about On Account sales using Xero, refer to our article Sending On Account sales to Xero.

Creating an on account sale

Before starting an on account sale, ensure the customer is added to the sale.

  1. Add items to the sale.
  2. Click Pay.
  3. Click On Account.


  4. Add a note to the sale if required.
  5. If you wish to send an email receipt with payment link, ensure the toggle is on and the customer's email is correct.Retail-X-email-link-receipt.png
  6. Click Complete sale
  7. Print or email receipt.
If an On Account limit has not been set for the customer or they do not have enough available, the On Account button will be disabled and you will not be able to add the sale to the customer's account. In this case you have three options:
  • Ask the customer to pay their balance.
  • Ask the customer to make a partial payment and put the remaining balance On Account.
  • If you have user permissions to do so, you can allow or increase the customer On Account limit.

The sale will be shifted to On Account status, and the customer will have a balance-owing recorded against their name. Each time that customer is added to a sale, you will be able to see any outstanding balance on their account. The on account sale will remain open until the balance owing reaches zero.

Opening an existing on account sale

Xero customers should not edit existing on account sales.

  1. Navigate to Sales History.
  2. Find the On Account sale, using filters if required.
  3. Click on the sale to expand the details. 
  4. Click Continue sale. The sale will then open on your sell screen.continue-sale-on-account.png
  5. From the sell screen you can add new items, complete, or void the sale from the sell screen. 

The original sale lines will be locked and cannot be edited. If you wish to remove items from the original sale, you should void and recreate the sale. Refer to Voiding using the sales history for more information on voiding on account sales.

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