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Closing your Store for the Day

Once you have completed all your sales for the day, you will need to Close the Register for your store.

To close your register, follow the steps below:

1. Complete your card processing terminal's end of day process to get the sum of takings for that day.

2. Select Open/Close from the side menu.

3. This will take you to the register closure screen. In here, you will need to enter the day's counted cash (including your float) against the expected cash in your cash drawer.

4. Next, confirm the rest of the day's payments (such as credit card payments) below.

5. Confirm these amounts and add an optional register closure note if you like.

6. Click Close Register.

You may now review your expected and counted totals for today's payments and view a breakdown of all of the day's cash movements.

Print your last register closure summary

Once you have closed your register, you will have the option to print out this register closure's summary. You may choose to print this summary out if you want to keep a physical record of your closures, benchmark store performance between outlets or to include a print out on your end of day cash bag.

The register closure summary will include the current user, outlet name, register name, closure number and the opening and closing times of the register. For each payment type, it will show the payment type name as well as the expected and counted amounts for each payment type.

The summary will also include a register closure note if you chose to include one when closing the register and cash movements if you have Retail POS's cash management enabled.


If you open your register you will not be able to print your last summary. Only when the register is closed, will you be able to print out the last summary.

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