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Using Retail POS (X-Series) store credit with Xero

To use Retail POS with store credit when integrated with Xero, you must set up your store so that liability flows through to Xero as store credit is given and redeemed.

Map the account to your store credit liability:

You will need to map your Xero liability and expense account in Retail POS. This is to ensure that all store credit issued will post liability across to Xero and that liability is reduced when store credit is redeemed.

1. Navigate to Setup > Apps.

2. Click on the edit pencil next to Xero.


3. Scroll to the Liabilities section and select an expense account from the Expense drop-down under Store credit


4. Select a liability account from the Liability drop-down under Store credit



If you have not created accounts in Xero, you can do this in Retail POS by selecting the store credit Liability or Expense drop-downs and clicking Add a new Account. These accounts will be automatically created in Xero.


5. Click Save changes.


Now that this is set up, Retail POS will increase liability in Xero when store credit is manually issued or with a refund, and decrease liability in Xero when store credit is used to make a purchase. Retail POS increases expense in Xero when store credit is manually issued.


Liability and expense will sync to Xero when you close your register for the day.

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