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Connecting your Smartpay terminal with Retail POS (X-Series) for iPad

Setting up your Smartpay Terminal

Before connecting your Smartpay terminal to Retail POS, you will need to setup the terminal itself. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn the terminal on (the terminal will run through the installation cycle)
  2. If the terminal has been previously setup to use your WiFi, it will reconnect automatically.
  3. If the terminal has not previously been connected to your WiFi or if the WiFi network has changed since the last time the terminal logged on, the terminal will display the following:
    • WiFi
    • Manually
    • Enter WiFi
    • Details
  4. If you see this information, select NO by pushing the F1 key on your terminal.
  5. The terminal will then display all the WiFi networks that are in range.
  6. Scroll down (using the F1 key) or scroll up (using the F2 key) to the network you want the terminal to connect to and press Enter (the key with the green circle)
  7. Enter the WPA password for your chosen WiFi network.

    To access upper or lower case letters, press the corresponding number key quickly to get the letter you want. To access the key number, press the number key once. If you want to repeat that number or enter a letter that corresponds with the same number, please pause before attempting to choose the character. (For example, key 3 will give you 3DEFdef in that order).

  8. As soon as you have entered the correct WiFi password, press Enter (the key with the green circle)
  9. The terminal will display the following messages:
    • Searching for network
    • Connecting to Network
  10. The terminal will automatically connect to the WiFi at this point. Once it is connected, it will display the WiFi network name and provide a signal strength (3 bars being the best signal)
  11. The terminal will then present the EFTPOS “ready" screen.

Connecting your Smartpay Terminal with the Retail POS app

You can connect:

  • One Smartpay terminal to one iPad running the Retail POS app.

  • One Smartpay terminal to two (or more) iPads running the Retail POS app. If both iPad's try to take payment at the same time, the terminal will queue the requests.

  • Multiple Smartpay terminals to multiple iPads running the Retail POS app (each iPad can only connect to one terminal at a time.)

Before getting started

Before beginning this setup, you will need a Smartpay terminal. This terminal must be set up and connected to your WiFi network. If you have not connected your Smartpay terminal to your Wifi network yet, click here to follow these steps.

Once the terminal has been connected to the same WiFi network as the iPad, You will need to retrieve the terminal IP address.

If you're an Australian retailer, press 0 on the keypad to view the IP address of your terminal.

If you're a New Zealand retailer, press 1 on the keypad. The IP address of your terminal will be displayed.

To connect your Smartpay terminal to Retail POS, you'll need to create the Smartpay payment type and link the Smartpay terminal to the app using the terminal IP address.

To create the Smartpay payment type

  1. Tap the menu icon in the top left to open the side menu bar and choose Dashboard.

  2. Once here, click Menu

  3. Head to Setup and choose Payment Types.

  4. You should now be on the Payments page. From here, click Add Payment Type and choose Smartpay.

To link your Smartpay terminal to the Retail POS on iPad app

  1. Tap the menu icon in the top left to open the side menu bar and tap Settings.

  2. In Settings Choose Hardware and find the Smartpay Terminal section.

  3. Once here, type in your terminal IP address. You can find this by pressing '0' on your payment terminal (if you are in Australia) or '1' on your payment terminal (If you are in New Zealand).
  4. Your Smartpay terminal should be all set up with Retail POS and ready to go!

Switching your Smartpay to standalone mode

If payments are not automatically transferring from Retail POS to your smart pay terminal, Retail POS may be offline or your iPad may not be working correctly. To take sales manually on your Smartpay terminal, you will need to switch the terminal mode.

If you have a S800 terminal:

  • Press the red cancel button and select 1. PAYMARK EFTPOS. Once this is done, you will be able to process sales manually in Retail POS and on your Smartpay terminal.
  • To switch the terminal back to integrated mode, press the red cancel button again and select 2. SLLITE. Your payments should now automatically carry across from Retail POS.

If you have a D210 terminal:

  • You must first navigate to the merchant functions menu. To do this, press the menu key (yellow backwards arrow on the top right of the terminal). Next, enter the terminal menu key password (746723).
  • Once in the merchant functions menu, use the F1 and F2 keys to navigate through the menu to find the Configuration Menu. Press enter (green circle), then enter your administrator access code (833767) and press enter again. Select terminal setup from in the configuration menu, and select SMARTLINK.
  • Once you've selected this, it will tell you if Smartlink is currently enabled or disabled. If it is disabled, the terminal will now be in manual mode. If it is enabled you can use the "clear" button to switch to disabled, and visa versa.
  • Once you are happy with your choice, press the enter key. Finally, press the red cancel cross to go back to the main terminal screen.

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