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Using the home dashboard

From the home dashboard, you can see your business performance at a glance. All managers and admin users are able to see the home dashboard which gives instant access to your most important sales metrics such as revenue, profit and sales value for your day, week, or month. 

To access the home dashboard, click Home.


The home dashboard will display tax inclusive figures for tax inclusive retailers and tax-exclusive figures for tax-exclusive retailers (excluding Gross Profit, which is always tax exclusive)

Filtering by time period

To filter the information on your home dashboard by time period, select either Today, This week, or This month. Selecting This week and This month will display data for the period to date.


Filtering by outlets

You can also filter this data by outlet. By default, the home dashboard will show all outlets if you are an admin or only the outlets available to you if you are a manager or cashier user.

For more control over the data shared with your staff, you can edit the cashier role permissions. Read our article Setting user roles and permissions in Retail POS (X-Series) to learn how.

To display data for a specific outlet, click the drop-down menu and select your desired outlet.


Overview section

The sales overview section will display a total sales value for the period selected (Today, This week, or This month) to date and compares it to the same period previous.


The average sale value for the period selected is displayed under Average sale value and compares it to the same period previous.

The average items per sale value for the period selected is displayed under Average items per sale and compares it to the same period previous.

Retail metrics

By default, all merchants will have user sales performance (your sales targets and your sales today) and top products sold retail metrics displayed.


Additional advanced retail metrics are available for merchants with Advanced reporting. These can be accessed by clicking Show more retail metrics.

If you are unsure what plan you are on, navigate to Setup > Billing and your plan will be listed as You’re currently on the X plan. For a breakdown of which plans include advanced reporting, refer to our Basic and advanced reporting article. 

To learn more about advanced retail metrics, refer to our Advanced retail metrics on the home dashboard guide.


Select View report under a metrics graph to view the relevant sales report. Any filters you've added in will be automatically applied.

Things to do cards

The home dashboard also includes data cards for Things to do. These cards are unique to your store and will only display based on certain events and criteria. An example of this might be inventory notifications:


If you have any sent purchase orders or sent outlet transfers waiting to be received or any due/overdue inventory counts in your store, you will be notified of this on your home dashboard.

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