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Taking Payments for the Sale

Once you have added all your items, you are ready to take payment for the sale.

Click the Pay button. You will be taken to the payment screen where you will find a variety of payment type buttons (determined by what the store owner has chosen).

To take a cash payment, click Cash. This will prompt you to enter the exact amount that the customer has provided to either complete the sale, This will prompt you to choose the amount that the customer is paying with. If change is due, you will be told how much to give them from the till. You can also use the quick cash options to select the suggested payment amounts or use the input box to enter an exact amount. 


Split Payments

You can accept multiple/split payment types for the same sale. The different payments will be reflected in the Sale Summary of the Pay Screen. To process a split payment, type the first amount that the customer wants to pay next to Amount to Pay, and choose the relevant payment button (eg. Cash). Once this payment has been processed, the remaining balance of the sale will be adjusted, and you will be able to pay this off with another payment type (eg. Credit Card).


Card Payments

If the customer is paying by Credit Card, you will be able to complete the sale by selecting an integrated payment type. For more information on payment types available with Retail POS click here.

Integrated Card Payments:

If you have not yet set up your payment terminal, find your terminal here to learn how.

To process a sale using an integrated card payment on the Sell Screen, **follow the steps below: **

  • Add the items to the sale, and click the Pay button.
  • Choose your payment type.
  • A payment window will appear, which will prompt you to swipe the customer's card in the terminal.
  • Follow the prompts that appear on the payment terminal screen.
  • Your customer can then tap, swipe, or insert their card to complete payment. If the customer chooses to sign for their payment, a receipt will be printed for them to sign, and you will need to confirm the signature is correct.
  • Retail POS will show you whether the transaction is accepted or declined.
  • Retail POS will then print a copy of the receipt for you and your customer.

Gift Card Payments

If you have gift cards enabled for your store, and the customer wishes to make a purchase using a gift card, you can process the sale by clicking Pay and selecting the Gift Card payment type. For more information on Gift Cards and how this redemption process works, check out this article here.

Loyalty Payments

If you have not setup Loyalty in your store, click here to learn how.

Customers can pay with Loyalty if you have Loyalty enabled in your store. To process a payment using Loyalty, add products to the sell screen and add the customer who wants to redeem their Loyalty.

Tip: If you want to check the Loyalty balance of this customer before processing the sale, search for the existing customer and click on their name. The customer should now appear in the Checkout section, click on their name to view their Loyalty balance.

Next, click Pay. You can use Loyalty to pay for the sale in full or use it as a partial payment. To pay for the sale in full, click the Loyalty button below.

To pay for some of the sale using Loyalty, adjust the amount tendered to the amount of Loyalty the customer wishes to redeem, click the Loyalty button below and pay off the rest using cash or card payments.

If the customer is new, you can add them to your customer database and enable Loyalty for them right from the Sell Screen. Just click Create New Customer, and Retail POS will open a window for you so you can add the customer's details and tick loyalty on or off. Your customer will now be all set up to earn loyalty!

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