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List of things to check before integrating WooCommerce with Retail POS (X-Series)


We offer to integrate with WooCommerce, however, we do not have control over WooCommerce API and the web hosting provider account set up. This can differ from account to account as WooCommerce is diverse and not hosted by one company. To be able to set up the integration there are some prerequisites that need to be followed to prepare the WooCommerce account for third-party integration like Retail POS


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • WooCommerce Integration


  1. Check the API keys pasted in Retail POS are correct
  2. Check the API keys are created by the Administrator user which has the highest level of permission on WooCommerce - WooCommerce batch manipulate error
  3. Check that the Read/Write permission is enabled - WooCommerce API Key does not have edit permissions
  4. We were unable to connect your WooCommerce store because something is wrong with this API Key
  5. Authentication over HTTPS is enabled to establish a secure connection - WooCommerce website does not pass the Basic Authentication header information
  6. Make sure the traffic from the AWS server is not blocked - WooCommerce API couldn't be found at the supplied location
  7. Whitelist the currently used IP addresses of services responsible for making incoming requests on your security & firewall plugins.
  8. Remove any security & firewall plugins which may be blocking the API calls (incoming requests) from AWS servers or allow AWS IP Addresses range if the previous step doesn't resolve the issue.
  9. Check the web hosting account is not running out of memory to support the integration. To check the minimum requirements for WooCommerce, click here.

Additional Information

Retail POS is unable to provide support for troubleshooting prior to set up as this requires the attention of a Web Developer. This also requires making changes to the WooCommerce database files and some settings on your domain hosting account which is outside of Retail POS scope.

We suggest getting in touch with your web developer or the domain hosting provider for expert advice.

Retail POS recommends connecting your WooCommerce store to a test environment.

Creating a test environment enables you to test the new integration and cause the least disruption to your store and your customers.

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