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Taking Payments with Paymentsense and Retail POS (X-Series)

Add the Paymentsense Payment Type to Retail POS


Make sure you have your Paymentsense credentials on hand before getting started. You should have received these credentials in an email from Paymentsense.

Whilst Paymentsense is supported with Retail POS for iPad, setup needs to be completed from a Mac or PC. 

The supported terminals are Ingenico Move 5000, Desk 3500, IWL252, IWL258 and ICT250

1. First, login to your admin user account for your Retail POS store on a Mac or PC.

2. Next, navigate to Setup -> Payment Types and click the 'Add Payment Type' button.

3. Once here, select Paymentsense from the payment type dropdown.

4. Next select Begin Setup.

5. Enter a name for your payment type.

6. To pair the terminal, open a new tab and paste:

Follow the onscreen configuration instructions to pair your Paymentsense terminal to Retail POS.


7. Fill in your Paymentsense username and password. You should have received these credentials in an email from Paymentsense.

8. Allow access to Paymentsense.

9. Fill in your Paymentsense secret key. You will have also received these credentials in an email from Paymentsense.

Each outlet will have its own secret key. Enter the key for each outlet. Once this is completed, you can assign your Payment terminals to the corresponding Register.

10. To assign your payment terminals to your register's in Retail POS, select the outlet you want to configure.

11. Next, select a register and assign the corresponding terminal using the default terminal dropdown. Once you've saved these changes, you'll be all setup and ready to take payments with Paymentsense.


Only one Paymentsense terminal can be connected per register. If you have more than one register, you will need to pair these separately to your Paymentsense terminal

Take a payment with Paymentsense

1. Navigate to the Sell Screen and process a sale as normal.

2. When presented with your payment options, select Paymentsense

3. Retail POS will connect to your payment terminal and allow your customer to pay for their transaction.


Additional information

As terminals are linked to your Paymentsense merchant account, if they are not shown in the drop-down, this is because they have not been linked to your account by Paymentsense.

To resolve this issue, contact Paymentsense at 0800 103 2959 to get the terminals configured and then complete the setup.

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