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My Dymo barcode label printer prints blank labels


Your barcode label printer is feeding barcode labels but nothing is being printed on them.


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • Dymo Barcode Label Printer



Due to the latest Microsoft Windows 10 Update, the DYMO Connect and DYMO Label v.8.7.3 driver software is experiencing printing issues, which may cause blank labels to be printed.

While a permanent solution is being worked through between DYMO and Microsoft, please refer to the DYMO website for temporary fix: https://www.dymo.com/software-fix.

This is often caused by the orientation of the barcode labels. Putting the barcode labels in upside down is not difficult as many printers allow you to do this without giving you any kind of warning or error.


Putting in the barcode labels with the opposite side up should resolve this issue.

Additional Information

Some barcode labels come with distinctive markings as to which side is the top such as places to peel off the barcode label. Examining the barcode labels for these can save you some trial and error.

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