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Setting up Lightspeed Advanced Marketing

Lightspeed Advanced Marketing allows you to deepen your customer relationships, streamline your marketing initiatives, and grow your bottom line. Lightspeed Advanced Marketing built the integration specifically for Retail POS.

For more information on how the integration works visit Lightspeed's website and Marsello's website.


For instructions on setting up the Lightspeed Advanced Marketing integration, refer to the Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) section on the Marsello help center. 


Your subscription to Lightspeed Advanced Marketing will be billed alongside your Retail POS subscription in Retail POS. This allows you to pay for both subscriptions in one convenient location. 

To learn more about managing your Lightspeed Advanced Marketing subscription in Retail POS, refer to our Managing third-party app subscriptions in Retail POS (X-Series).

For all billing queries, please email subscriptions@vendhq.com.


Because Lightspeed Marketing and Loyalty is powered by Lightspeed Advanced Marketing, you can find additional resources on the integration by visiting the Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) section of the Marsello Help Center.

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