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How to correct the counted amount for a product in an inventory count


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC


  1. Navigate to Inventory -> Inventory Counts
  2. Click on your inventory count from the Due tab

To Add to the Counted Amount

  1. Search for the product in the Search Products bar
  2. Scan the items to add if you are in Quickscan mode
  3. If you are not in Quickscan mode, enter the amount you need to add and click count

To Reduce the Counted Amount

  1. Look for the miscounted product under Your last counted items on the right
  2. Click the bin icon next to the product to the undo your counted amount for that item (this will remove the entire amount listed in the Your last counted items menu)
  3. If the item is not in that list/you cannot find it, search for the item in the Search Products bar
  4. Enter a negative quantity based on the amount you need to deduct from your count

Additional Information

These steps only apply to counts that are still in progress. If the count has been completed, perform a Partial Inventory Count for the products that require correction.

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