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How to import an inventory count that was done outside of Retail POS (X-Series)


Adjust your inventory after an inventory count was done outside of Retail POS, or on the Scanner app without being logged in.  


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • Open Office 


  1. Navigate to Catalog -> Products
  2. Click Export List...
  3. Open the downloaded file
  4. In Sheet 2 next to your product list, paste the your inventory count
  5. On the inventory count sheet, make sure you have two columns: SKU and quantity, in that order
  6. On your product sheet, insert this formula into the inventory column for the outlet you want to adjust: =VLOOKUP(C2;Sheet2.A$2:B$500;2;0). Change '500' to the total number of rows in your inventory sheet
  7. In the inventory column, you should now have the quantity for each SKU from your count. If any cells say N/A, this is because the SKU was not in your inventory count sheet
  8. If you do not want to change the inventory for products you did not count, remove them from the product list sheet
  9. If you want to bring the inventory to 0 for products you did not count, replace each 'N/A' with '0'
  10. Save the file as a .csv file
  11. In Retail POS, import your product list

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