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Why doesn't my stock on hand account in Xero match my stock on hand value in Retail POS (X-Series)?


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • Xero integration


The original SOH value was not accurate 

  • When you first set up Xero, you must create a manual entry into your SOH account representing the stock in your store. If you do not do this properly, your SOH will not align going forward. 

Changing average cost

  • Your SOH account is debited each time you receive a stock order and credited each time you sell goods. If the average cost of an item changes between when you receive the item and when you sell it, this will affect the SOH account. 

Manual Entries 

  • If you use manual entries in your Xero SOH account, or invoice suppliers directly in Xero, these invoices won't be accounted for in Retail POS. 

Receiving items at a different cost than average cost 

  • Retail POS's SOH value is based on the average cost of each item. Xero's is based on the total that your items are received for. If you receive items at a value other than your average cost, the two platforms will differ. 

Unsent stock orders

  • If you do not send all of your received stock orders to Xero, the two will not match. 

Making changes to your stock amount in Retail POS 

  • Inventory counts and manual adjustments do not sync to Xero, but they do adjust your SOH value in Retail POS. 


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