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How can I close old on account/layby/parked sales?


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • Retail POS on iPad


Void the sale

If the customer will not be returning to complete the sale, you can void the sale. This will return the products on the sale to your inventory.

Refer to our Voiding Sales Using the Retail POS Sales History guide for steps on how.

Apply payment manually

If the customer has already paid for the sale, you can apply payment manually in the Sales History

Create a unique payment type for old on account sales

If the customer has already paid for the sale, but you want to be able to differentiate the sales from the your regular takings, you can create a seperate payment type for closing off old on account/layby/parked sales. 

Create the unique payment type by navigating to Setup -> Payment Types and clicking Add Payment Type. Select Other Payment Method from the drop down and click Begin.

Name the payment accordingly and click Save Payment Type.

You can then use this unique payment method to apply payment manually in the Sales History


Payments applied to a sale will appear in the register closure for the date they are actually applied to the sale, not the period when the sale originally took place.

You will need to account for this in your reporting.

Additional Information

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