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How to edit product account codes in bulk for the Xero integration


Edit product sales and purchase account codes in bulk for use with the Xero integration. 


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • Xero Integration


  1. Open the product tab. Click the 'Export List' button to export out a list of your products. If you only want to update a portion of your products, for example, the items from one supplier, you can filter this first and click 'Update Filter'. 

  2. Make a copy of the exported file and save it, so you have a backup in case you make a mistake. You should never edit your backup file directly.

  3. Open the downloaded file

  4. Update the account_code and account_code_purchase columns

  5. Save the CSV file.

  6. On the product page, click 'Import Products' to import the file back into Retail POS.

Additional Information

  • You should always delete all of the inventory columns (including their headers) when editing product CSV files. This is so any changes in your inventory levels due to sales you make while you are working on the CSV are not overwritten when you reimport the file.
  • Once an account code has been added to a product, you will be unable to remove them through a CSV import. If you would need to remove the account code on a product(s):
    • Edit the product through Retail POS.
    • Change the account code in the CSV to the default sales account for your Xero integration.

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