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Can I remove information from a product with a CSV file import?


I would like to bulk remove product information in Retail POS, such as supplier codes, from all my products. Can I do this through CSV?


  • Retail POS for Mac or MC


No, removing information or fields on a product CSV will not delete the information that is already in Retail POS. If product details or columns are missing from an updated CSV file, Retail POS reads this as no changes are required and will leave the product as is when imported.  

Additional Info

  • For example, updating the supplier code to another code will take effect upon import, however if you clear/delete the supplier code in the CSV and import into Retail POS, the supplier code will not be affected in Retail POS.
  • Even if you clear the data from the cell and put in a space, the information in Retail POS will not be updated or replaced with the space.

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