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Fixing long receipts for Windows

If your receipts are printing out too long and leaving excess blank space, you can disable headers and footers. If there is still too much blank space on your receipts, you can fix this by changing your PC settings. To do this:

  1. Navigate to 'Control Panel' on your Windows PC.

    Windows Start menu showing search for Control Panel.

  2. Under Hardware and Sound, click View devices and printers.

    Adjust your computer's settings window, with Hardware and Sound highlghted.

  3. Right-click your printer.

    List of printers, with appropriate printer right-clicked and menu showing.

  4. Click Printer properties.
  5. Click Preferences.

    Cutter Properties window.

  6. Click Advanced.

    Cutter Printing Preferences window.

  7. Use the Paper Size drop-down menu to select 72 mm x 200mm.
  8.  Click OK in the Advanced Options window.
  9. Click OK in the Printing Preferences window.
  10. In the Printer Properties window, click on the Device Settings tab.
  11. Use the FRICTION drop-down menu to select 72 mm x 200 mm.

    Cutter Properties window with Device Settings tab selected and FRICTION drop-down menu emphasized.

  12. Click on the Advanced tab.

    Cutter Properties window with Advanced tab selected.

  13. Click Printing Defaults...
  14. Click Advanced.

    Cutter Printing Defaults window.

  15. Use the Paper Size drop-down menu to select 72 mm x 200 mm.

    Cutter Advanced Options window with Paper Size drop-down emphasized.

  16. Click OK in the Advanced Options window.
  17. Click OK in the Printing Defaults window.
  18. Click Apply.
  19. Click OK.

If printing in Chrome, ensure your paper size in Chrome is also x 200mm to match Windows settings.

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