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Why is my product not showing up in inventory count?

Your product could not show up in your inventory count for one of the following reasons:

  1. You created a product after starting your inventory count 
  2. You enabled the Track feature after starting your inventory count
  3. You created an inventory count with a specific filter, and the product doesn't qualify.
  4. Your product was inactive when you started your inventory count.
  5. You started an inventory count and have an unstable internet connection.

Reason 1

Inventory counts don't take real-time changes into account. Therefore, any products you create after starting an inventory count will not show in the count. The same thing applies to product updates—the inventory count won't reflect the changes. However, if you create a product after you start your inventory count, you can still add and count the product. Retail POS will simply display a warning that the product wasn't part of the planned count.

For example, if you start an inventory count at 5:00 PM and you create a product at 6:00 PM, the product won't show in the inventory count. You can see the date and time you created a product or started an inventory in the details of your product and inventory count.

To see when you started an inventory count:

  1. Go to Inventory > Inventory counts
  2. Select the inventory count.
  3. Select Show details.


You should now see the date and time you created the inventory count. 

To see when you created a product:

  1. Go to Inventory > Products.
  2. Find your product using the available fields and filters.
  3. Expand the product to display its details.
  4. Select the History tab.


You should now see the date and time you created the product.

Reason 2

Every product has a Track inventory for this product toggle. You can see it when you edit a product. If it's disabled when you start an inventory count, Retail POS will not track its inventory levels. Therefore, if you want to count a product whose Track inventory for this product toggle is disabled, you need to enable the toggle before you start your inventory count. To do so:

  1. Go to Catalog Products.
  2. Use the available fields and filters to find your product.
  3. Select the pencil icon to edit your product.
  4. In the Inventory levels section, select Track inventory for this product.


Reason 3

You can use filters to add products individually to a partial inventory count. You can also use them to add products by brand, type, tag, or supplier. If the product you're expecting to see in the count doesn't fulfill the criteria set by the filters, however, the product will not show in the count. You can still add and count the product, but Retail POS will display a warning that the product wasn't part of the planned count.
To learn more about how filters work in partial inventory counts, please see step 7 under How to start an inventory count.

Reason 4

By default, Retail POS doesn't include inactive products in inventory counts. If you want to include inactive products in your inventory count, enable Include inactive products when you create your inventory count.


Reason 5

If you start an inventory count and have an unstable internet connection, it'll take some time for the entire list of products to load in the inventory count. To avoid this, test your internet speed before starting an inventory count. For optimal performance, your upload speed should be 5 Mbps, and your download speed should be 10 Mbps. You can test your internet speed on the Google Fiber Speed Test website.

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