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Average cost is not correct after a stock transfer


An outlet received an order with a different supply price than usual. The supply price was not set to the new supply price and now the average cost for those outlets have not calculated properly. 


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC 


The supply price for the transfers were not set to the new supply price.


The transfers will have be recreated.

  1. Edit the products back to the stock levels before the transfers for both the source and destination outlets - this should be reduced/increased by the transferred amount
  2. Export the previous transfers as CSV
  3. Open and correct the supply_price column (Column K) with the correct supply price
  4. Save the CSV
  5. Create the transfers again and import the updated CSV
  6. Receive the transfers 

Additional Information

The only columns that the system will read are sku, handle, quantity and supply_price.

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