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How to create a scannable promotion code


To create a promotion that can be applied to a sale by scanning a label 


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • Retail POS on iPad


  1. Navigate to Catalog -> Promotions
  2. Click Add Promotion
  3. Complete required fields for desired promotion
  4. In the Target this promotion section, click exclusive to some
  5. Click Apply a Promo Code
  6. Enter the Promo Code to match the barcode number you are scanning
  7. Click Save

Additional Information

 To create the scannable barcode label you have two options.

  • Create a product matching the SKU to the promo code number, then print a label of that product.
  • Print Labels using a 3rd party software such as a barcode generator website. Make sure the barcode number matches the Promo Code number.

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