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What is a nested product/variant?



  • Retail POS for Mac or PC


Nested products are usually created during the CSV edit process. It essentially involved merging of different product families within each other (one parent product thinking it's the child of another product family). Product families follow a specific order and when these are switched, they can create nested products. It is best to make sure not to switch the position of the products on the CSV.

Here is an example: If you export a CSV, you'll notice your product families usually go in a row. The first product represents the parent product while the other that follow are the children of that product.  

  • Say for example you have a product: A T-Shirt with 3 size variations.
  • The first one created is a T-Shirt Small - this becomes what's referred to as the "Variant parent". additional product variations that are created of this become variants i.e T-Shirt Medium, T-Shirt Large.
  • So the 2 variants (medium and large) -> Are linked to the variant parent (i.e T-Shirt small)

A nested variant occurs when the variant parent links to one of the variant products (in the same way that the variants link to the parent - i.e a variant assumes a parent product role)


Now because 2 products linked to one another, the product will not appear when you search in the product tab - but it's still an active product that can be sold.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way for you to find out if you have nested variants unless you look for a product that can be found on the sell screen but not on the product page list. If you ever come across this, give us a call and we advise you whether you have nested variants and have them fixed for you.  


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