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How to set different prices for products in an eCommerce store and in-store


Set different prices to products on your chosen eCommerce integration and your in-store products.


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC


  1. Navigate to Catalog -> Price Books
  2. Click Add Price Book
  3. Enter a Price Book name
  4. Select In store
  5. Select All customers
  6. Select which Outlet you want the Pricebook to be active at
  7. Set a start and end date for the Pricebook to be active
  8. Click Save Price Book
  9. In the Search Products field, add the products you wish to edit the price of
  10. Change the prices to the desired retail prices for your in-store products
  11. Click Save Price Book

Additional Information

Price books do not push over to eCommerce integrations, so Price Books can be used to edit the prices of your product in-store.

Because of this, make sure the default retail prices of your products are set to how they should appear in your eCommerce store.

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