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How to fix duplicate invoice numbers


To fix duplicate invoice numbers by voiding one of the duplicate sales and recreating it.


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC


Void the sale:

  1. Navigate to Sell - Sales History
  2. Locate the sale to be voided and click to expand
  3. Click Void
  4. Click Void Sale

Recreate the sale:

  1. Navigate to Sell
  2. Add the products, discounts etc to mirror the previous sale
  3. Click Pay
  4. Add a note if required, then click Cash/Other Payment Type
  5. Navigate to sales history
  6. Locate the sale
  7. Click to expand
  8. Click Edit
  9. Select the payment type from the drop-down
  10. Click Save

Additional Information

  • The invoice/receipt number for the recreated sale will be in sequence for the current day.
  • When manually applying a payment to a sale, the payment will be contained in the current open Register Closure.

Why do I have duplicate invoice numbers?

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