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How to add Factor 4 Gift Cards as a Retail POS (X-Series) Product

Factor 4 is a supported third party gift integration to Retail POS in the US and Canada. Factor 4 retailers accepting gift cards with Retail POS require two new products to be added in Retail POS.


Creating a gift card item in Retail POS Products


  1. Navigate to Catalog -> Products
  2. Click Add Product
  3. Enter Gift Card for the Name
  4. Brand, Descriptions, Tags and Product categories are optional
  5. Enable Sell on Point-of-Sale (should be checked and green)
  6. Adding an image is optional and helps with identifying products in the Sell screen



  1. Set as a Standard Product
  2. Product with Variants allow retailers to add set prices for gift cards to be sold (e.g. $25, $50, $100, Enter Value)
  3. Select Automatically Generate a SKU
  4. Leave supplier information blank
  5. If the retailer is tracking inventory levels of physical cards enable Track Inventory
  6. If there are multiple Retail POS Outlets choose the Outlet you created for this merchant that matches what is in MMA
  7. Enter the Current Inventory, Re-order Point and Re-order Quantity



  1. Set the Tax associated with the Outlet
  2. Under Price leave blank (unless you are using Variants). This is so that you can enter the price at the Sell screen
  3. Leave the Price and loyalty section blank
  4. Select Save


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