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How to setup Multi-Lane on Fiska


  • Processing via Elavon US/CA, TD Bank, Nuvei US/CA, Global Payments CA, Chase CA/US
  • PC/Mac
  • Ingenico iCT200/250 or Desk/Move 5000


  1. Ensure the appropriate Fiska payment type is enabled on the retailer's Retail POS account
  2. Create the payment type in the Setup page
  3. On the Sell Screen, process a test transaction using any product
  4. Select Pay
  5. Select the payment type previously added
  6. For each terminal, you will see a dialogue box for each in the window that pops up:
    Match the MAC Address in the dialogue box with the MAC Address on the payment terminals that you have. It is normally listed on a sticker normally at bottom of the device.
  7. Once you select the right terminal, select Use terminal
  8. Retail POS will transfer the balance over to the payment terminal, cancel the transaction on the terminal
  9. On Retail POS, the payment would have cancelled and you will encounter this screen:
    Select Use another terminal
  10. Retail POS will recognize that you used a terminal on this register previously and will ask you to use the same register. Toggle Always use to ensure this register will only communicate with this specific payment terminal.
  11. Repeat steps #6 - #10 to pair your remaining terminal using the same payment type.

Additional Information

Only one payment type is required for each Retail POS register to communicate with their respective terminals.

If you don't see your MAC Address then you can use the process of elimination to see which MAC Address is associated to which payment terminal. 

You can pair multiple terminals using one payment type. Before selling, ensure you are logging into the correct register.

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