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How to create a product with variants using a Spreadsheet


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC 


  1.  Download your Retail POS product CSV template here
  2.  Open this in any spreadsheet software
  3.  Pick a name and handle for the entire product. This name and handle will be the same for each variant
  4.  Add in the variant option names and values. Make sure the variant option names are the same and that the values are different
  5.  Each variant will have their own unique SKU. If you leave it blank, Retail POS will randomly generate the SKU for it
  6. Add in a supply price and retail price for each variant
  7. Fill out any other applicable columns
  8. Save, and upload
  9. Add inventory using our Stock Order module (this makes sure your stock levels are correctly recorded

If you use the Retail POS Product CSV template:

  • Make sure you update the outlet name for the inventory fields to match your store. For example, change Inventory_Main_Outlet to Inventory_Outlet_Auckland.

  • If you have two stores with similar names (e.g. Inventory_Outlet_Auckland and Inventory_Outlet_Auckland_Warehouse), you will need to update the name of the second store. You could change it to Outlet_Akld_Warehouse for example.

  • For tax-exclusive retailers, the tax is set per outlet. You will need to change the 'tax_name' field to 'outlet_tax_your_outlet_name'. You will need a column for each outlet.

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