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Recording consignment sales and reports

Working with consignors allows retailers to diversify the products they offer. A consignor is a person or business that provides products for a retailer to display and sell on their behalf, typically for a set period of time. After a consignment sale occurs, the retailer compensates the consignor for the products that were sold.

Grouping consignment products and running reports on their sales makes it easy to determine your consignor's commissions for products sold.

Creating a consignment product

Grouping consignment products is key for tracking these products separately from other products. To create a consignment product:

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Products.

    Overview of the Products page.

  2. Click Add Product.
  3. Enter product details as usual, with the following changes:
    1. Add a Product category or Tag (e.g. consignment sale, name of the consignor) to classify the consignment product.
    2. Under Supplier, choose the consignor.
    3. Under Supplier price, type in the appraisal value.
    4. Type in the Current Inventory, or process a Purchase Order to receive multiple products.
  4. Finish entering all product details.
  5. Click Save.

Sending automated reports to your consignors

Sending regular, automated reports to your consignors keeps them updated regarding the sale of their products. Reports can be sent to your consignors on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. To automatically send reports to your consignors:

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Sales reports.

    Overview of the Sales report page.

  2. Under the Report Type drop-down menu, select Supplier, Product category, or Tag.
  3. Select your desired Date Range and click Apply.
  4. Click Format Results, and arrange rows By Product or By SKU.

    Sales report page showing Format results drop-down.

  5. Click Apply.
  6. Click Save report.
  7. Fill in the Report name.

    Pop-up window asking to Name new saved report.

  8. Click Save report.
  9. Click Actions...

    Sales report page, showing Actions drop-down.

  10. Click Share.
  11. Type in the consignor's email(s), separating multiple emails with a comma. You can add up to 50 recipients.

    Pop-up to Create a schedule to share the report.

  12. Select the Email frequency. You can choose daily, weekly (choosing the day of the week), or monthly (populating on the last day of the month).
  13. Click Save schedule.

Your consignor(s) will receive this report via email as a downloadable .CSV file.

You can choose to edit or delete this shared report at any time.

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