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Using Retail POS (X-Series) store credit with QuickBooks Online

To use Retail POS with store credit when integrated with QuickBooks Online, you must set up your store so that liability flows through to QuickBooks Online as store credit is given and redeemed.

1. Setup your Liability and Expense accounts in QuickBooks Online

First, you will need to make sure you have a liability account and an expense account for store credit in QuickBooks Online. Please ensure the detail type of the liability account is set as other current liabilities. You will need to create them if you have not already. You can follow these steps to create these accounts in QuickBooks Online.

The store credit liability account will increase when store credit is issued manually, or when it is issued through a return. It will decrease when store credit is redeemed. 

The store credit expense account will increase when store credit is manually issued. 

2. Complete your store credit mapping in Retail POS

Next, you will need to map your QuickBooks Online liability and expense accounts in Retail POS.

This is so that all store credit issued will post liability across to QuickBooks Online, and that liability is reduced when store credit is redeemed.

1. Navigate to Setup > Apps

2. Click on the edit pencil next to QuickBooks Online


2. Scroll to the Liabilities section and select your store credit expense account from the Store Credit Expense drop-down. 


3. Select your store credit liability account from the Store Credit Liability drop-down.QBO-Liability.png


If your QuickBooks Online store credit expense account or store credit liability account are not available in the drop-down, click Reload QuickBooks Options at the top of the page and try again.


4. Click Save settings 

Now that this is set up, Retail POS will increase liability in QuickBooks Online when store credit is manually issued or with a refund, and decrease liability in QuickBooks Online when store credit is used to make a purchase. Retail POS increases expense in QuickBooks Online when store credit is manually issued.


Liability and expense will sync to QuickBooks Online when you close your register for the day.

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