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Pairing Retail POS (X-Series) with your Klarna Merchant Account

Retail POS customers in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and New Zealand can offer Klarna's 'Pay in 3' payment method in your physical store. Follow the steps below to connect your Klarna merchant account with your Retail POS store. 

If you are an existing Klarna merchant, make sure you have signed an updated version of your Klarna contract that includes in-store service. Reach out to your Klarna representative to start this simple process.

If you are an existing Klarna but new to Retail POS merchant, make sure you wait until your in-store MID has been created. 

For any issues regarding connecting your Klarna merchant account to Retail POS, please contact klarna@vendhq.com


Accessing Your Credentials

API credentials are like the key to a door that Retail POS can use to connect to Klarna and ensure your payment transactions flow smoothly between the two systems.

1. To Access your credentials, log into your Klarna Merchant Account and go to Settings


2. Click “Generate new API credentials”


3. Save or download your newly generated credentials



Create the Payment Type 

1. Log into your Retail POS store.

2. Open the Setup tab (On Retail POS for iPad this can be found under Dashboard > Setup).

3. Select Payment Types.

4. Click the Add Payment Type button.


5. In the drop-down choose “Klarna” (if you do not see this payment type, please contact our Support team at https://x-series-support.lightspeedhq.com


6. Select “I have an account with Klarna” and then select Begin Setup. Note: If you’re not a Klarna merchant yet, head to www.lightspeedhq.com/klarna to get set up.


7. Enter in a name and your API credentials.


8. You can now save and start using Klarna and Retail POS!


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