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How to connect your Pax A920 or A80 to Wi-Fi


  • Pax A920 or A80
  • WiFi


  1. Select the Settings app on the terminal's idle screen.
  2. Input the Settings password and then select the green check button and then “OK”. Contact Retail Support if you do not know the settings password. You can also swipe down from the top to access Wi-Fi settings.
  3. Turn on the Wi-Fi option. Then select the Wi-Fi option.  Only local Wi-Fi networks that have the SSID broadcast option enabled will be displayed. To view or edit the network settings select the desired WiFi network.
  4. After selecting the desired Wi-Fi network, input the Wi-Fi case sensitive password and select “Connect”. When the terminal has successfully connected to the Wi-Fi access point the Status will display “Connected”. Select the back icon to return to the Settings menu or to exit.


Manual Network Configuration

If the desired Wi-Fi network is not displayed it will be necessary to manually configure the network. In the upper right-hand corner select the three dots icon. Then select the “Add network” option.


The Add Network pop-up screen will display. Enter the case-sensitive Wi-Fi network SSID. Next, select the security type from the drop-down menu. Now enter the case-sensitive Wi-Fi network password.

Next select Save to save the settings.


On the Retail POS app home screen, it should now display 'Connected' if the connection was successful.

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