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How to set up Alipay and WeChat Pay using PayPlus

Setting up Alipay and WeChat

Alipay and WeChat are electronic payment methods available to Chinese citizens. This article outlines the steps for setting up AliPay and WeChat Pay to retailers using Retail POS on iPad in other countries.

You will need to get in contact with PayPlus before the setup process to receive your pre-configured URL to set up the payment method.

Setting up the payment type

  1. Go to Setup > Payment Types
  2. Click Add Payment Type Image_2020-09-19_at_5.16.56_PM.png
  3. Choose Other Payment Method from the drop-down menuImage_2020-09-19_at_5.18.51_PM.png
  4. Click Begin SetupImage_2020-09-19_at_5.20.00_PM.png
  5. Add a name e.g. 'PayPlus'Image_2020-09-19_at_5.22.36_PM.png
  6. In the Gateway field enter 'https://biz.payplus.co.nz/vendpay/oneqr' (URL should have been provided by PayPlus)
  7. PayPlus should now appear as a payment option on the Sell ScreenImage_2020-09-19_at_5.25.35_PM.png
  8. The system will show this page on your screen. Copy your Register ID (highlighted in red) and send it to processingteam@payplus.co.nz as per the screenshot belowImage_2020-09-19_at_5.27.24_PM.png

    Now you have successfully set up your Retail POS with AliPay and WeChat Pay. We will confirm with you within 24 hours when it is up and running from our end

Taking a payment using Alipay and WeChat

To accept payment via Alipay or WeChat:

  1. Create a Sale in the Sell Screen
  2. Click Pay
  3. Click your 'Alipay and WeChat' payment method
  4. You will then see an option to 'Alipay' or 'WeChat' mceclip0.png
  5. The customer will then need to scan the QR code using their Alipay or WeChat app mceclip1.png
  6. Once the payment is processed, it will push back to Retail POS letting you know the payment is complete

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