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How to use barcodes with embedded weight/price

If you are a retailer who packages and sells your own bulk goods, you can scan or type in barcodes embedded with price OR weight into the Retail POS Sell Screen, so that the price or weight automatically populates in Retail POS.

If you use integrations such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify, weight and dimension product information does not sync to your products, and you won't have access to the weight and dimension feature on the Edit Product page. 


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC

Setting up your store

  1.  Click Setup > General.
  2. Click the Sell Screen Barcodes dropdown.
  3. Select "Allow barcodes with embedded weight/price"Screen_Shot_2019-12-04_at_16.10.39.png
  4. On the Sell Screen, you can now scan or type in the barcode with the embedded weight or price.


  • What barcode formats are supported?
    • Retail POS supports two formats of embedded barcodes: UPC-A and EAN 13. 
  • Can Retail POS update the price in the scale system?
    • No but retailers can build an integration using our API to update their scales when prices in Retail POS change.
  • Does this mean I can use scales at the point of sale?
    • No, you can only scan pre-weighted items and labels.
  • Can I change it per product?
    • No, you have to change the settings in the Settings page in order to change from Price Embedded to Weight Embedded barcodes.
  • What are embedded barcodes?
    • Embedded barcodes are those that start with "2", where the last few digits can be the price or weight of the item. They are usually set in this format: YYCCCCCPPPPPX
      • YY MUST be 20, 02, or just 2
      • CCCCC is the SKU
      • PPPPP is the data (price or weight)
        • Price is divided by 100 (02000 become 20.00 price
        • Weight is divided by 1000 (02000 becomes 2.000 quantity)
    • X is the check digit, and must be valid according to EAN/UPC spec (This is automatically generated and the printing scales should add this themselves)

For example:




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