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Taking Payments with Klarna and Retail POS (X-Series)


Taking payment with Klarna 

1. Navigate to the sell screen and process a sale as normal.

2. When presented with your payment options, select Klarna.


You will not be able to process a split/multi payment with Klarna when making a sale. This means your customer will not be able to make a purchase with different payment types; for example, using both Cash and Klarna.

3. Once you have selected Klarna, a window will appear prompting the customer to scan the QR code or enter the customers phone number.

4. When the customer finishes the instructions prompted on the app, the sale will be complete!

Refunding an Klarna Sale


  • Product exchanges are disallowed for sales with Klarna payments.

  • You can partially refund a sale by returning a single product, but you will not be able to refund the partial price of a product paid for with Klarna.

To refund a sale that was paid for using Klarna, follow the normal Retail POS returns process:

  1. Go to Sales History -> Process Returns -> and find the previous Klarna sale.

  2. Select the Klarna sale and choose Return.

  3. This will open the sale on the sell screen. Once here, click “Return” and select “Klarna” as the payment type.

  4. This will process 100% of the amount paid to you by Klarna and return the item to stock.

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