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How do I use Sales Reports for Integrated Credit Card Tip Reporting


Retail POS offers tip/gratuity support with integrated credit card payments. In this article, Retail POS will discuss how to use Sales Reports to reconcile tips earned against gross sales. 


  • Retail POS on Web and Retail POS on iPad
  • Retail POS in the USA  and Canada
  • Retail POS Payment Gateway Payment Type
  • Payment terminal support 
    • Clover Flex and Mini
    • Pax S300, D210, A920, A80, and A60
    • Dejavoo Z series
    • Ingenico Desk and Move 5000

Pre Requistes 

  • Contact Retail POS to turn on integrated credit card tipping.
  • Ensure your payment processor has programed your terminal to prompt for tips before the authorization. 
    • Pax requires BroadPOS to be updated to prompt for a % or a fixed amount.  A download is required on your terminal for it to take effect.  
    • Clover requires tips to be enabled within your Clover Merchant Admin Settings
    • Dejavoo  requires your processor to update the terminal file and a download to the device.
    • Ingenico  requires your processor to update the terminal file and a download to the device.


Sales History 

In the Sales History, you now have the ability to view the full amount of the authorized transactions (Gross Sale + Tip Amount).  If you view the details of the transaction (see below)  you will notice a  new line item Tip.Screen_Shot_2020-05-12_at_10.35.56_AM.png


Navigate to Reporting ->  Sales Reports and select the appropriate Report Type and Measure (Tips). For example, selectin  Report Type =  User and Measure = Tips you can now view every sale defined in your date range applied to the employee logged in during the sale. Screen_Shot_2020-05-12_at_10.45.21_AM.png

Register Closure

With integrated tip reporting your register closure totals for integrated credit card payments will match your processors batch records. This payment type total will now include the Sale + Tip amount as the total. Screen_Shot_2020-05-12_at_11.01.24_AM.png


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