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How to manually refund a sale using my Pax A80, A60 or A920 terminal


A refund may need to be issued without the customer being present once a batch has been closed. If you have the customers card number and expiry date, you can manually refund the sale back to the card through Retail POS.


  • Retail POS on iPad
  • Retail POS for Mac/PC
  • Pax Android Terminal


1. Select Sales History and filter by 'Process Return' at the top of the page

2. Select the arrow at the end of the sale to add the refund to the Retail POS sell screen


3. Select refund at the bottom of the screen 


4. Select the integrated card payment type

5. Once the card terminal is prompted with the refund, you will first need to re-enter the amount you're refunding


6. You will then see the option to Enter Account Number. This is where you need to enter the credit Card Number. Select the field to open up the keyboard


7. Once you enter the account number, you will then be prompted to enter the expiry date


8. You may then be prompted with additional fields such as CVV or Postal Code. You can simply select enter to bypass these options

9. Once the sale is complete on the terminal, you can close the sale out in Retail POS



Additional Information

If a sale is a part of an open batch, then selecting refund will 'void' the sale and return the held funds from the form of payment used.

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