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How to order stock from the catalog page

Using the catalog page, you can quickly identify the inventory levels of your products and add them to a stock order using bulk actions.


Simply click the Inventory column header to sort your products from lowest to highest inventory levels to identify which products are running low on stock.


If you would like to sort your products by highest to lowest inventory, click the Inventory column header again.


When a product that requires more stock has been identified, select the product using the checkbox. Do this for each product you wish to add to a stock order. 


Once selection is complete, scroll back to the top and click on Choose an Action, then select Add Products to stock order.

Select whether you want to Add to an existing purchase order or Create a new purchase order


When adding to an existing order, select the order you wish to add the products to and click Next

To create a new stock order, choose a Supplier from the dropdown and where the order will Deliver to from the dropdown. You will also need to enter an Order Number, then click Next.


Enter the Quantity of the products that you would like to order and ensure that the Cost price (Supply Price) is correct. If your cost price has changed from your products default value, it is important to enter the new value here to correctly calculate your average cost and cost of goods sold figures.

Once the quantity and cost price have been entered, click Add products to order to finish creating the order. This can then be accessed by navigating to Inventory > Stock control

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