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Opening the cash drawer in Retail POS (X-Series)

There may be circumstances outside of a sale where you need to open the cash drawer, such as forgetting to place the cash or cheque in the cash drawer before closing it after a sale or the cashier has given the customer incorrect change.

The cash drawer can be opened in Retail POS on both desktop and iPad, for steps on opening the cash drawer, select the platform that you are using from the tabs below:

  • Opening the cash drawer on desktop

    1. Navigate to the Sell screen (Sell > Sell).


    2. On your keyboard, press CMD + E (Mac) or Ctrl + E (PC).


    3. In the print dialog window, ensure that your receipt printer is selected and click Print.


    As the cash drawer is connected to your receipt printer, the cash drawer will open when this test print is performed.

  • Opening the cash drawer on iPad

    Cashiers are unable to open the cash drawer outside of a sale, however, a manager or admin user is able to open the cash drawer when required.

    1. Switch to a manager or admin user and navigate to the Sell screen (Menu (☰) > Sell screen)


    2. Tap More actions in the top right of the screen and select Open cash drawer.


    The Open cash drawer option will only be available in the More actions menu if you have a cash drawer connected to a receipt printer and the cash drawer is enabled in the Retail POS app settings.

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