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Using the retail dashboard

  • Available on Pro, Advanced, Enterprise
  • Available on Core, Plus

The retail dashboard allows managers and admin users to easily see key performance metrics for your business across all or selected outlets. This dashboard also lets you easily see trends across days, weeks, or months so you can make more informed decisions about your business.


View by

The View by selector at the top of the Retail dashboard gives you the option to format the data by day, week, or month.



Use the date selector to look at historical sales data. This will be automatically formatted by individual day, week or month, depending on what is selected in View by.



Select which outlet(s) you wish to display data for from the drop-down menu.


More filters

Click More filters to filters data by keyword. The following filters can be applied:

  • Product name
  • Product SKU
  • Product category
  • Product tag
  • Variant attributes
  • Brand Name
  • Supplier Name
  • Customer name
  • Customer group
  • Promotion
  • Register
  • User



Because you can add multiple filters, it is important to understand the way they work together:

  • Adding an extra filter of the same type causes the filters to work as "either/or". For example, Supplier: Nike and Supplier: Adidas will show data for sales with products that have either the supplier Nike or Adidas.
  • Adding an extra filter of a different sort causes the filters to work as "and". For example, Supplier: Nike and Type: Shoes will show data for sales with products that have both the supplier Nike and the type Shoes.
  • Adding another filter tag of the same sort will give you MORE results, as it broadens the results you can see already.
  • Adding another filter tag of a different sort will give you FEWER results, as it restricts the results you can see already.

Data widgets

Each widget represents a specific data metric formatted by the filters described above. These data metrics are:

  • Revenue: Total income from items sold (excluding tax)
  • Sale count: Number of sales in this period
  • Customer count: Number of unique, registered customers served in this period
  • Gross profit: Total revenue less the cost of goods sold
  • Discount: Total amount discounted for this period (excluding tax)
  • Discount %: Discount amount given on total sales amount (excluding tax)
  • Avg. sale value: Average revenue per sale (excluding tax)
  • Avg. items per sale: Average number of items per sale


View report

Click View report under any data widget to view the relevant sales report. Any filters you've added in the Retail Dashboard (Date, Outlets, More filters) will be automatically applied. 


Products sold

This displays your top products as well as the number of times they were sold and the total amount they were discounted.


Top sales people

This displays your top users by sales. It breaks down the Revenue generated for the period, as well as Sale count, Items sold, Avg. sale value, and Avg. items per sale.


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