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Does Retail POS (X-Series) offer a bottle deposit solution?

Yes, Hyperspace has built an integration specifically for Retail POS that assists retailers in collecting and managing bottle deposits!

The Bottle Deposits App from Hyperspace automates adding refundable deposits to a sale containing eligible bottles or cans in Retail POS. These refundable deposits are recorded in Retail POS and allow retailers to account for their handling of bottles and cans.


The consumer pays the deposit to the retailer when buying the beverage and receives a refund when the eligible empty bottle or can is returned to a redemption location.


To set up the Retail POS-Hyperspace bottle deposit integration, contact the Hyperspace team.


Your Hyperspace subscription will be billed alongside your Retail POS subscription in Retail POS. This allows you to pay for both subscriptions in one, convenient location.

To learn more about managing your Hyperspace subscription in Retail POS, refer to our third-party billing guide.


Hyperspace own and support this integration. For technical support with this integration, please contact Hyperspace support by:

Billing-related queries are handled by Lightspeed. Click Contact us at the top of the page or use the Help function within your Retail POS store to contact our Retail Support team.

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