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Setting up local delivery options for eCom

Setting up local delivery methods in your eCom store allows you to offer your customers efficient and timely shipping options. You can also connect your local delivery to a relevant outlet to process customer orders, meaning an item needs to be in stock at the customer's local outlet to qualify for local delivery.

Setting up local delivery options for eCom

To create local delivery options for eCom:

  1. In Retail POS, navigate to Online > Settings > Shipping and pickup
  2. Scroll to Local Delivery and click + Add Delivery.


  3. Set up rates for local delivery, choosing from Free, Conditional free, Flat rate, or Custom.


  4. Enter a Name at checkout that customers will see when checking out.
  5. Select an Outlet to be associated with the local delivery method.
  6. Enter the Delivery rates, if applicable. Custom rates can be based on Weight Range only, or Range, subtotal, and weight.


  7. Define your Delivery zone settings based on No limitations (worldwide), Zone on map, ZIP or postal code, or Country or region.


  8. Limit availability by order subtotal‍ by specifying a minimum order subtotal for orders to qualify for this local delivery method, if applicable.
  9. Click Set operating hours and toggle on Limit delivery operating hours to set your delivery operating hours. These periods will be taken into account when calculating the nearest delivery date and time at checkout.

    You can also set Blackout dates when local delivery will be unavailable.


  10. Allow customers to choose their local delivery date and time by toggling on Ask for delivery date and time at checkout.

    You can Ask for date only or Ask for date and time slot. With date and time slots, you can also set the Delivery time slot length to match your delivery capacity during the business day.

    Toggle on Same-day local delivery and set a Cutoff for same-day delivery, if applicable.

  11. Set Order fulfillment time in days.
  12. Allow choosing delivery date within the time frame customers are able to schedule their local delivery.
  13. Add a description or more customer-facing information, if applicable.


  14. Click Save & Finish.

Updating local delivery options

To update details of a local delivery option you already set up:

  1. On the Shipping and pickup page under Current shipping and delivery methods, click the Actions dropdown > Edit.
  2. From here, you can update Delivery rates, Delivery zone, Limit delivery operating hours, Ask for delivery date and time at checkout, set Order fulfillment time, add a Description for customers, or change the Minimum order subtotal.
  3. Click Save.


Setting payment methods for local delivery

You can enable certain payment methods for local delivery only.

To specify payment methods for local delivery:

  1. In Retail POS, navigate to Online > Settings > Payments.
  2. Choose a Current payment method you want to use for local delivery, click the Actions dropdown > Edit.


  3. Scroll down to Payment method availability based on shipping choice and click Limit availability by shipping method‍.
  4. Under Select shipping methods, click Select Methods, check the box to select your local delivery option, then click Select.


  5. Click Save.

Your customers can now use this payment option when they choose local delivery at checkout.

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