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February product updates


What's new in Lightspeed Retail (X-Series)

Lightspeed Retail POS


Filter services by customer, receipt number, or outlet

Services page showing filters.

Filter services by receipt number, customer name, or outlet from the Services tab. With these enhanced filtering options, you can help technicians and other users find specific services easier, see what services customers have used in the past to offer a more tailored experience, and pull up details on particular services across your outlets.

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New user permissions for non-sales employees

Permissions page showing sell permissions checkboxes.

New user permissions allow you to customize access to sales, sales history, and register functions for employees using the Sell screen and registers, giving you more control over which users have access to:

  • Make sales
  • Open/close register
  • Perform cash movements
  • Reset local data
  • Manage register settings
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Improved search experience with B2B Catalog

Improvements to the B2B Catalog search engine mean better quality search results and improved experience when looking for B2B Catalog products in Retail POS.

Lightspeed eCom


Purchase domains names from your eCom admin panel


Retail merchants with eCom (E-Series) can now purchase a domain right from the eCom Admin Panel. Domains bought from eCom (E-Series) are connected automatically to your site after purchase without the need for manual setup.

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Connect outlets to eCom shipping methods

eCom shipping setup with connect outlet to shipping method highlighted.

Retail merchants with eCom (E-Series) can set local delivery zones and operating hours, restrict pickup locations based on inventory availability, and connect outlets to shipping methods to restrict customers from choosing shipping options for items out of stock at the location. Omnichannel merchants can now customize online fulfillment as desired, tying all delivery methods to corresponding outlets.

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Refund Lightspeed Payments eCom payments in the Retail (X) app

You can now refund payments made with eCom (E-Series) and Lightspeed Payments online via the Retail (X) app. This feature is already available in Retail POS and is now available on the Retail (X) app for iOS.

Lightspeed Payments


Offer the convenience of paying account balances online

On account settings page with enable online payments checkbox highlighted.

Merchants using Lightspeed Payments can now offer customers an easy way to pay for On account sales anytime, anywhere. When online payments for On account sales is enabled, customers receive an email invoice with a link they can use to make a payment.

Offering customers the flexibility to pay online means offering them more opportunities to make purchases, helping you increase sales from your existing customer base.

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Lightspeed Integrations


View your sales history on the go with Reporter (X)


A much anticipated feature, the ability to view sales history is now available in the Reporter (X) app for iOS and Android. Store owners and managers can easily access detailed sales records on the go on their tablets or phones. Sales can be filtered by status, outlet, user that made the sale, customer, or by receipt number or note.

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Xero integration updates

Use the Xero integration with confidence. Updates to eliminate duplicate payments means your accounting stays accurate while using the integration.

What’s new in the Help Center


New and improved product import template

Updated import template with information about what information to include.

Major updates to our product import template and Importing products in bulk guide means a smoother product upload and fewer errors when working with spreadsheets.

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