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How do I enable Tips on Clover Flex or Mini payment terminal



  • Clover Mini or Flex payment terminal


  1. From the Home menu, select Setup (must be logged in as an ADMIN)
  2. Select Tips
  3. Select Ask for tip and apply it to this device (or all devices if you want to support tips on more than one)
  4. Select SAVE
  5. Select Tip Entry Location and select On tablet screen
  6. Select SAVE
  7. Select Tip Suggestions and modify these according to the business needs and select SAVE
  8. Select Tip suggestion calculation, and ##select exclude tax ### in the tip calculation.
  9. Select SAVE
  10. Save the settings and test a transaction to confirm the device/s prompts for tip entry before the authorization.

Additional Information

Once you have enabled tips on your Clover device by following the steps above, please contact Retail POS support to set up tips on your account.

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