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Creating and managing unfulfilled sales in Retail POS (X-Series)

The customer may not be ready to take the product(s) away at the time of purchase, or wishes to have them delivered. With unfulfilled sales, you are able to process the sale, mark it for delivery or pickup, and record it in Retail POS.

Using an unfulfilled sale for delivery or pickup

Unfulfilled sales for delivery or pickup are intended for products that have stock available at the time of purchase. If a product that the customer wishes to purchase are not in-stock, these sales can be processed as a special order instead. Refer to Special order fulfillment in Retail POS (X-Series) for more information.


There may be instances where a customer wishes to have their purchases delivered. In these cases, you can process as an unfulfilled sale and fulfill the order from your current inventory.

An unfulfilled sale does not offer a field to capture the customer's address. Shipping addresses and other information about the delivery needs to be added in the Sales note section when creating an unfulfilled sale or as a sales note on the purchase.

If a shipping charge is required, you will need to create a dedicated product to capture this and add it to the sale.


Your customer may wish to come back later to pick up their purchase. 

In these cases, you can process as an unfulfilled sale and fulfill the order from your current inventory.

We recommend confirming an exact pickup date and time with the customer and capturing this in the Sales note to ensure that all parties are aware of when the customer will be returning. This also allows you to determine how you want to fulfill the order with regard to inventory.

Creating an unfulfilled sale for delivery or pickup

  1. Add the product(s) the customer wishes to purchase to the Sell screen. Click More actions and select Mark as unfulfilled.
  2. Select Delivery or Pickup, depending on the customer's needs, in the dialogue box that opens.
  3. Select an existing customer or add a new customer to the sale. Contact details from an existing customer will be prefilled and can be edited to suit the order. New customers will require a name, email, and phone number.Fulfillment-Customer.png

    If a customer was already added to the sale before selecting the Mark as unfulfilled option, these details will be prefilled.

  4. In the Sales note, capture the customer's address for Delivery or date and time for Pickup. These details will be captured in your Sales history and on the customer's receipt.
  5. Click Mark as unfulfilled to create the unfulfilled sale. 

Taking payment for an unfulfilled sale for delivery or pickup

Once the sale has been marked as unfulfilled, you can choose to take full payment, partial payment (deposits), or no payment, depending on your in-store policy.

Full payment

Unfulfilled sales can be paid for using most payment types, including loyalty, store credit, and on account. Click Pay and select your desired payment type. Once the payment has been processed, click Complete sale.



To take a deposit, click Pay, enter the deposit value into the Amount to Pay field and select the payment type. Once the payment has been processed, click Save sale.

This deposit will now be recorded as revenue received in advance. Once the order has been paid in full, whether at the time of ordering or at a later date, the revenue received in advance will switch to revenue in your accounting and closure reports. 


No payment

Unfulfilled sales do not require any payment to be taken in order to be created. If you do not wish to take any payment, click Pay then click Save sale

The order is recorded in both Fulfillments (Inventory > Fulfillments) and Sales history (Sell > Sales history) as Delivery, unfulfilled or Pickup, unfulfilled

Completing unfulfilled sales for delivery or pickup

Unfulfilled sales must be paid in full before they can be shipped or picked up. Unfulfilled sales that are put on account are considered paid and can be fulfilled regardless of the customer's balance owing.

When an in-store order is created and all products within the order have stock available at the time of sale, it will be recorded on the Fulfillments page. To view your unfulfilled sales, navigate to Inventory > Fulfillments.Retail-X-fulfillments.png 

Clicking to expand the sale will display what products need to be picked, how many, and any notes that were added to the order.

Preparing the order

If you use the Scanner app, you can pick orders using your mobile device. Refer to Fulfilling orders with the Scanner app for more information.

Before you can complete an unfulfilled sale, you must first pick and pack it for delivery or pickup.

  1. Print the order packing slip and shipping label through your usual workflow.
  2. Pick the items from the packing slip.
  3. Pack these items into shipping bags/boxes as required.
  4. Once the order is ready, navigate to Inventory > Fulfillments.
  5. Locate the order and click to expand.
  6. Click Mark as packed.Retail-X-mark-as-picked-up.png
  7. Prepare the order for delivery or pickup
    • For Delivery orders, prepare the order for delivery as required then click Mark as Shipped. Contact the customer to notify that the order has been shipped and include shipping or delivery details as required.Retail-X-mark-as-shipped.png
    • For Pickup orders, contact the customer to notify that the order is ready for collection. Once the customer has collected the order, click Mark as picked up on the order.Retail-X-mark-as-picked-up.png

Once you choose either Mark as shipped or Mark as picked up, the order will then be removed from the Fulfillments page. To access the order once completed, navigate to Sell > Sales history.

Unfulfilled sales on account

For unfulfilled sales put on account, you can mark the fulfillment as complete in Sales history. Once the sale is marked as complete, it will be removed from the Fulfillments page.

  1. Navigate to Sell > Sales history.
  2. Locate the unfulfilled sale that was put on account.
  3. Click the arrow to expand the details.
  4. Click Mark as complete.Retail-X-on-account-mark-as-complete.png

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